“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.”

- Winnie the Pooh

A wise woman once said to me, “When you are young – you have a job. When you finish your education – you have a career. When you finish your career – you find service in helping others!” That’s where I find myself today!

Hello, I am Lori!

Many of my family and friends have died suddenly, tragically, or with a terminal illness. It is with humble reverence and respect that I have chosen my journey to walk beside the brokenhearted. The loss of a loved one is never easy, and the journey can be very daunting and overwhelming.

I am here to lend a hand, listen with an open heart, and to lessen the burden. There is always a myriad of tasks that I am trained to guide and help facilitate. Additionally, I am available to provide both emotional and spiritual support during this process.

I have received a Certification of Completion from the BEyond Yonder Virtual School for Deathcaring and I have been trained and certified as a Funeral Celebrant with the Insight Institution.

My commitment is to work with you to create a beautiful, memorable ceremony and to hold sacred space for you and your family. Rest assured this transition will be graceful, peaceful, and handled with the utmost respect. This is your time to remember and reflect.


End-of-Life Doula

As an End-of-Life Doula, I will assist, advise and inform, by offering physical, emotional, and spiritual support to the dying.  I have been trained to empower, educate and encourage people and their families to be involved in making decisions during the impending process. The word doula comes from the Greek word doulē, the meaning of which translates to helper or servant.  To many people, the word “doula” refers to a childbirth coach, but doulas are not only for when life begins — we are there when life is ending to ensure a beautiful transition.  Please get in touch!

Funeral Celebrant

As a Funeral Celebrant, knowing that every life has a story that needs to be told and is significant, it is my humble honour to walk this journey with you and your family to create a ceremony that is unique and reflects the true essence of your loved one. Meaningful funerals are personalized funerals. They tell the life story of the person who died which represents your family’s beliefs and values. It takes a village, and as a community we come together and include as many people as possible in the planning and activities. A Celebration of Life or funeral is a gift to the person who died. It is your chance to think about and express the value of the life that was lived. If working with a Funeral Director, I can connect with them to ensure that our services are bridged together.  Please get in touch!

Advance Planner

As an Advance Planner, I can assist you with planning and organizing your affairs. Advanced planning of your affairs can range from a Last Will and Testament, Enduring Power of Attorney, Personal Directive (Advance Care Planning – Green Sleeve) to Finance and conscious living wishes and goals. Whether you have already started or have nothing in place, I can help from where you are at or right from the beginning. I will aid in the coordinating and organizing of your portfolio to ensure that all necessary documents are in place. This in itself will give you peace of mind knowing that you will have nothing to worry about when the time comes. Your family will be free of stress and worry as this will take out the “guessing game”. If you require recommendations for a Wills & Estate Lawyer or a Financial Planner, I can recommend professionals that are highly commendable, that will ensure that your requests will be honoured and your wishes carried out.  Please get in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

It takes a village. We come together to acknowledge and support one another in our grief and to mourn as a community. It helps us to acknowledge that death has occurred and is real. It provides structure and ritual and a safe place which we can process our thoughts and feelings. Being with community makes a significant difference in helping us channel our grief and starts the journey of bringing us back to wholeness.

A Celebrant can bring the ceremony together with the support of the Funeral Director. It gives the family peace of mind knowing that you have the freedom to plan a funeral that will meet the unique needs of your family. You have the freedom to invite family members and friends of the deceased to be involved in the celebration. Each ceremony is personal, reflecting the personality and lifestyle of the life lived. A Celebrant certified by the Insight Institute will take the time to understand the family’s beliefs and values and what makes their ceremony unique.


In a Celebrant ceremony, the family is empowered. Nothing is imposed on them. Instead, in a collaborative process, the Celebrant will guide them in choosing the components (readings, music, etc.) to fulfill their vision for the ceremony. No two Celebrant ceremonies are the same.


Celebrants are also experienced in the art of public speaking.

Families who choose a celebrant for their loved one's funeral include those who are secular, religious, spiritual, non-denominational, part of an interfaith couple, or those who simply wish to create a service that is tailor-made to suit the personality and lifestyle of their family member.

There is a deep human need to find some sort of stability in the ever-changing state of life.  Since the beginning of time, humans have used ceremony to mark the end of a life that was lived and to create a space to express their thoughts and feelings safely.  Depending on the time and place, there are a variety of different ways to create such places, but almost all will have one thing in common: people coming together to say goodbye and remember a life no longer with us and to begin the process of grieving together.


Ceremony provides the occasion for family, friends, colleagues and neighbours to come together.  It can begin the healing that needs to occur.


"We need rituals at many times, whether for healing or transformation,  celebration or mourning. To learn to create our own is to empower ourselves, and this can enrich our lives immeasurably."   (Juliet Batten, Author)

  • A 1 - 2 hour meeting to discuss the family's vision for the ceremony.
  • Listening and taking notes of the family's memories and stories of the loved one.
  • Consulting with the family until the ceremony suits their wishes.
  • Research for specific readings, music and fitting rituals.
  • Design, plan and write the ceremony.
  • Compose a personal and inspirational eulogy/closing reflections if desired.
  • Coordinate and support the efforts of family members and friends who wish to deliver tributes.
  • Liaise with Funeral Directors or facility planners regarding ceremony details, as required.
  • Conducting the service according to the family's wishes.
  • Provide the family a copy of the ceremony.

I am located in Sherwood Park, Alberta and am available to work with families in the Greater Edmonton Area, including Strathcona and Sturgeon Counties.  Please contact me to discuss your location requirements.  (Additional travel fees may apply.)

Every family I work with has different needs and requests.  I am happy to discuss my fees with you during our initial consultation.  Most funeral homes have an established fee guideline for the services of a funeral officiant within which I am happy to work.

Being a Home Funeral Guide as well, I advise the family that they have the right and freedom to have a home funeral or vigil prior to having a community ceremony or memorial, if possible.  By encouraging the family to do so, it gives them time to honour their loved one.  As loved ones of the deceased, you can take care of bathing, dressing, and tending to the body.  It is a time of gathering, a time to honour and connect, to reflect and tell stories – a time of close bonding prior to a communal celebration or memorial. 


As much as we might not see it as a gift to wash and prepare the body, it is one of the most powerful and engaging exercises that we may ever do for our loved one!  And what a gift to yourself and the deceased.

Words of Kindness


If you would like more information or would simply like to chat with me about any of my services, I would love to hear from you!

Lori Lucki

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